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Fiat casinos are a thing of the past as hot, new, innovative crypto casinos are taking over the online gambling scene. Established in 2019 by Media Games Malta (EU) Limited, BC.Game is one such exciting new casino. This casino is unique and innovative and runs on decentralized block chain technology. With this, players never have to worry about their safety or security on the site as BC.Game ensures “provable fairness” with every transaction traceable and protected.

BC.Game’s website is sleek and its effective design means the platform is easy to navigate so finding your favorite games is quick and simple. BC.Game focuses on creating a sense of community in the online gambling sphere, bringing together international and local players alike on one platform. This attitude is carried through into BC.Game’s exclusive chatroom feature which allows players to interact and communicate freely. To encourage player communication, BC.Game also spontaneously rewards players for sustained chatroom activity.

In line with BC.Game’s international theme, the site has many languages. The casino’s community-orientated platform has very few restricted countries but just be sure your country does not prohibit online gambling before you decide to enter the exciting world of BCGame. Active players can also collectively decide to restrict certain players.

Welcome Bonus & Promotions

Free Spin Up to 1BTC

  • Visit BC.Game
  • Sign up…
  • Click on Lucky Spin under your profile


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Regular Bonuses

BC.Game’s players are met with enticing bonuses which are divided between four categories: Maximum Bonus, Daily Bonus, Lucky Prize, and Ability Bonus.

Maximum BonusTask Bonus: Complete simple tasks to freely be rewarded with cryptocurrencies

  • Master Medal: Collect medals to win thrilling rewards. 20 medals will get you 1 BTC, 2 ETH, and 100,000 DOGE.

Daily Bonus:

  •     Roll Competition: Spin a wheel of fortune to obtain a star prize. Every player can play this once a day between 10:00 am and 22:10 pm.
  •     Faucet: This cashback rewards a percentage of your bets back to you (applies to a limited amount of bets and is time-dependent).
  •     Where is COCO?: COCO appears randomly on theplatform. Try your luck and click on COCO when it appears to earn rewards.

Lucky Prize:

  •     Chat Rain: Chat Rain spontaneously rewards six players. This bot often appears at six-hour intervals.

Ability Bonus:

  •     King of Ranking: Based on your cumulative monthly wager, you could be rewarded with a monthly bonus prize.

BC.Game Casino Games

BCGame hosts many incredible and unique crypto-based casino games and with the site’s fast processing speed, effective interface and mouth-watering rewards, players are almost guaranteed a satisfying gaming experience. Play frequently and your gaming options will become personalized to you. BC.Game is not just your ordinary online casino so don’t expect ordinary games. Some of the site’s available games are Wheel Baccarat, Plinko, Crash, Roulette, HashDice, Blackjack, Keno, Slots, and Video Poker.

  • Keno

bc game shitcode

  • Blackjack

play blackjack with bitcoin

  • Roulette

play bitcoin online

BC.Game Deposit and Withdrawal Options

BC.Game prides itself on its vast array of cryptocurrency options for deposits and withdrawals. The site offers and accepts many digital currencies. To begin, simply click on ‘my wallet’, scroll to the ‘deposit’ option and complete your deposit. Next, copy the wallet’s address or scan the available QR code.

  • Exchange crypto


exchange crypto

The withdrawal process is just as simple. All you have to do is state your withdrawal amount and use your gaming account address. Withdrawal limits are entirely dependent on which cryptocurrency you choose to use to withdraw your balance. The wallet is also protected by a Two-factor Authentication with Google authenticator.

Currency Accuracy Limit
BTC 0.00000001
BCD 0.000001
ETH 0.000000001
DOGE 0.000000001
USDT 0.000001
XRP 0.000000001
BNB 0.000000001
LTC 0.00000001
TRX 0.000001
BCH 0.00000001
XLM 0.000000001
DOT 0.000000001
LINK 0.000000001
EOS 0.000000001
USDC 0.000001
DAI 0.000000001
XMR 0.000000001
BSV 0.00000001
UNI 0.000000001
KSM 0.000000001
AMPL 0.000000001
CRO 0.00000001
SUSHI 0.000000001
AAVE 0.000000001
WBTC 0.00000001
SNX 0.000000001
YFI 0.000000001
DASH 0.00000001
MANA 0.000000001
BAT 0.000000001
ENJ 0.000000001
CRV 0.000000001
PAR 0.000000001
MATIC 0.000000001
FLOOR 0.000000001
FLOKI 0.000000001
DOG 0.000000001
NFT 0.000001
SUNNEW 0.000000001
SAND 0.000000001
AMP 0.000000001
SQUID 0.00000001
JST 0.000000001
SUNOLD 0.000000001
TUSD 0.000000001
BTT 0.000001
GODS 0.000000001
GB 0.0001
ELON 0.01
GM 0.000000001
BIT 0.000000001
SOL 0.000000001
YGG 0.000000001
HEX 0.00000001
PEOPLE 0.000000001
BUSD 0.000000001
DEAD 0.000000001
AXS 0.000000001
ZIL 0.000000001
ADA 0.000000001
WCK 0.000000001
CAKE 0.000000001
TWT 0.000000001
VSYS 0.000000001
EURS 0.000001
AVC 0.00000001
NBX 0.000000001
TRTL 0.000000001
BANANO 0.000000001
JB 0.000000001

Customer Support

BC.Game has a comprehensive FAQs and ‘terms and conditions’ tab if players are unsure of anything. Additionally, the platform does have a 24/7 live chat feature which players can contact to speak to BCGame’s helpful support staff.



BC.Game boasts innovative online gaming that will keep any newbie or veteran gambler entertained for ages. This crypto-based casino ensures that pretty much every withdrawal and deposit option are available to players and its community-focus manifests in the friendly and helpful chatroom feature where players can form lasting connections. Ahead of its time and making waves in the industry, BCGame is a must-play.

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