PayPal to Accept Cryptocurrency From Users as Means of Payment

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 Riding high on the crest of the Bitcoin wave (and possibly learning from the socio-economic lows of the global pandemic) the appeal of cryptocurrency continues to gain popularity in more mainstream corporate and personal conversation. Companies the world over, are contemplating more attentively the ramifications of crypto and the lure of non-FIAT digital transaction methods.Take … Read more

Gamestop, Wallstreetbets & Crypto


 Wsb Background Wallstreetbets reddit forum became popular on mainstream news websites back in early 2020; the articles mainly focused on the huge displays of over-leveraged positions which led to life changing gains and eye-watering losses. The group has a very peculiar tribal culture with their own financial slang, love for memes, disdain for institutions, proud … Read more

2 Guesses to Recover $240M of Bitcoin & Other Crypto Horror Stories

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 Programmer Stefan Thomas earned his place in Bitcoin history the hard way: by forgetting the password to an encrypted flash drive containing his private key, and losing access to 7,002 BTC in the process. German-born Thomas was paid the sum when bitcoin was worth mere shekels in 2011, never anticipating that one day he’d be … Read more

Difference Between Bitcoin Cash (Bch), Bitcoin (Btc) And Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (Bsv)

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 Btc the First Digital Currency It may interest you to know that in today’s cryptocurrency world, there are more than 5,500 different alternative coins or altcoins. However, Bitcoin stakes its claim as the first-ever Cryptocurrency created by the mysterious “Satoshi Nakamoto” presumably a pseudonym for an unknown individual or group of persons. Bitcoin or BTC … Read more