How to Protect Your Online & Crypto Privacy

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 As hackers, blockchain intelligence companies, ISP (Internet Service provider) and government agencies ramp up their operations to track your online activity, it is worth educating yourself on the tools available to protect your privacy. The first step to protect your online activity is to install a browser with privacy features that actively blocks ad trackers. … Read more

How to Trade Btc on BC Bitcoin

BC Bitcoin play buy crypto currency

 Introduction BC is a highly professional, reputable and experienced cryptocurrency brokerage that is based in the United Kingdom. This firm is made up of skilled traders with a combined trading expertise spanning more than 30 years. What makes BC Bitcoin so reliable as a crypto brokerage firm is that they are experienced OTC traders … Read more

How to Create a Bitcoin Wallet Using “Electrum”

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 Introduction Since November 2011, Electrum wallet has been an ever-present feature for holders of Bitcoin. It is in fact one of the earliest and most reliable Bitcoin wallets around. Electrum is reputed for storing Bitcoin (BTC) only. This wallet does not even store Bitcoin Cash (BCH), a fork of Bitcoin. It also does not store … Read more