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BC is a highly professional, reputable and experienced cryptocurrency brokerage that is based in the United Kingdom.

This firm is made up of skilled traders with a combined trading expertise spanning more than 30 years. What makes BC Bitcoin so reliable as a crypto brokerage firm is that they are experienced OTC traders with enormous liquidity and have access to a large number of digital currencies including Bitcoin (BTC).

As an execution broker, BC Bitcoin is committed to helping their clients in managing their specific order instructions and needs. Offering tailor-made cryptocurrency trading services that can only be obtained in a few places.

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How to Buy Btc From BC Bitcoin

You can buy Bitcoin from BC Bitcoin in just three (3) easy steps.

But first you must register on the exchange Platform with your personal details.

Validation of Electrum Wallet User

Because Bitcoin technology keep a track of all transfers it is important to note that Electrum takes the authentication of its users seriously. To this end, Electrum requests for some form of documentation during the registration process on their site.

Intending users of the wallet need to provide personal information about themselves as part of the user validation process. Typically, users would be requested to provide;

  • A valid form of identification which hold be their driver’s license or international passport. The information page of the inter atonal passport for example, would need to be scanned and uploaded to the official Electrum site.
  • Information on the user’s current location and address details would also be required.
  • A scanned passport photograph would also be required. Note that Electrum has strict parameters as it relates to the size, pixilation quality, and clarity of the photograph to be uploaded. Also, the photograph to be uploaded by impending users of Electrum wallet should NOT portray them wearing any head gear or covering their face with a veil.
  • Prospective Electrum users would also be required to provide a valid phone number and email address.

Once the information highlighted above have been provided, Electrum would proceed with the validation of the documentation which can take anywhere between 24 to 48 hours.

▶ Step #1: Choose Bitcoin

You first need to choose Bitcoin from the “Select your coin” drop-down box. There are also as many as 101 different cryptocurrencies that you can choose from to buy.

Once you have selected Bitcoin, you will see the current price of BTC in pound sterling under the “Current Price” box which is just below the “Select your coin” drop-down box.

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▶ Step #2: Make Payment

The next step in buying BTC from BC Bitcoin involves you sending a payment. Payment for Bitcoin can be made out in a number of different currencies. You simply need to select the currency you are comfortable with in making payment.

In making payment, you will be required to choose a payment method. Some of the available payment methods on the site include;

  • Bank Transfer and
  • Debit/Credit Cards.

You will also be required to fill the – “Your wallet address” box. The wallet address that you provide is where BC Bitcoin will send your purchased BTC.

Additional information about your wallet, such as; your Payment ID, Tag, Message, and Memo (if required), may be needed before you can purchase BTC. A box labelled “Additional wallet information” is available for this purpose.

BC Bitcoin would also like to know who referred you to their services, you can provide that information in a “Referred by” box provided below the “Additional wallet information” box. Click on the “Next” button once you are through providing the required information.

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▶ Step #3: Get your Bitcoins

As soon as BC Bitcoin receives your payment, your order will be processed quickly and your BTC sent to the provided wallet address stated in the – “Your wallet address” box.

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How to Sell Btc to BC Bitcoin

If you want to sell Bitcoin to BC Bitcoin, you can do so also in three basic steps.

▶ Step #1: BC Bitcoin Offers Free Valuation

You can get to know the current value of the BTC that you intend selling. Just provide the amount of BTC you intend selling in “Amount of coin to sell” box and you will receive an instantaneous valuation in pound sterling or Euros. Provide your bank details, as BC Bitcoin will make payments directly to the bank account that you provide.

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▶ Step #2: Send your BTC

Once you are satisfied with the valuation provided for your Bitcoin, you can then send the BTC to the BC Bitcoin wallet address provided.

▶ Step #3: Get Paid!

BC Bitcoin will pay you the exact amount of the valuation of your Bitcoin. However, payment is made only if your BTC has been sent and received by BC Bitcoin within a reasonable timeframe.

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New to BC Bitcoin

The launch of the New Coin Swap service.
You can now easily swap any of the coins listed on BC Bitcoin website for one another. Simply enter the coin you would like to Exchange and the coin you would like to Receive.

In Closing

Apart from BTC, BC Bitcoin also buys and sells every single major digital currency (up to 101 different cryptocurrencies) and this includes; Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin. BC Bitcoin also engages in the trading of as many as 1,000 alt coins.

When it comes to buying BTC from BC Bitcoin, it may interest you to know that BC Bitcoin pays all the mining fees for any Bitcoin (BTC) that you buy from them. They also pay the mining fees for some other coins, but not for all.

If you are looking for more information about bitcoin technology you can also visit this famous forum.

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